• In accordance with state law, a signed affidavit must be submitted to MMU before a service can be hooked up.
  • Please schedule hookups at least one day in advance if at all possible or no later that 10:00 a.m. on the day desired.
  • Any underground services from November 1, to April 15, shall be dug into the transformer base or pedestal base.
  • Temporary services to be hooked up at transformers must be placed on the right of the transformer as you face it.
  • Please make sure temporaries are in good working condition and neutrals are properly marked. The name of the Electrical Contractor must also be on the temporary service.
  • The breaker panel cover must be installed before MMU can install a meter or energize the service per OSHA regulations.
  • Service lines must be installed all the way to the transformer or pedestal (hand dig near transformer or pedestal) at a minimum depth of 24".
  • Leave at least 4 feet of wire above the transformer or pedestal for hookup.
  • Leave a frost loop at the house.
  • As a part of the wiring for any new home or apartment or any remodeling or rewiring project, a 3 wire low voltage conductor (18 AWG) must be run for the remote reader for water meters. Please install the conductor from the area of the water meter to the area of the electric meter.


  • All NEW or remodeled and/or rewired Residential units must be individually metered, with the exception of multi-unit facilities providing care to elderly or disabled persons. Such multi-unit facilities may be master metered in accordance with the state statute (326B.106.subd.12). In addition to apartments, duplexes, triplexes etc., this includes homes with more than one separate kitchen and bath facility.
  • Buildings used for Commercial business may be individually metered for each business or may be master metered, BUT MAY NOT BE A COMBINATION OF THESE TYPES OF METERING. If individually metered, the rate class of each business in the building will be determined by their individual electric consumption. For master metered buildings with demands less than 75 KW, the Commercial Rate will apply and the fixed charge will be multiplied by the number of the businesses served and added to the energy charge to obtain the total billing. For master metered buildings with demands of 75 KW or greater, the Demand Metered Rate will apply.
  • Final meter height is recommended to be 5 feet above final grade, but may vary no more than 1 foot higher or lower. Proper meter height must be obtained before service will be hooked up.
  • All meter installations are to be made outside of the house. The meter must be installed outside the perimeter of any planned building, deck, or addition.



  • As a condition of service, load management equipment is required on electric water heaters, electric heating and/or electric central air conditioning for all new construction or remodeling. Load management receivers shall be installed by the main electrical panel, NOT between the floor joists.
  • MMU will furnish load management receivers at no charge.
  • Over the years, MMU has had several models of load management receivers. If you have any questions on wiring one of the old models or on the new model, please call MMU at 537-7005.



  • When working as a contractor for MMU, the contractor must abide by all OSHA and NFPA 70E Regulations including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes the wearing of Category II FR clothing while working near energized secondary services. All secondary voltages 240 volts or less are considered Category II, 480 volts and higher are Category IV.




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