A deposit may be required at the time of application for service if a customer had any previous unpaid balances with MMU that were turned over to our collection agency. The unpaid balance plus a deposit of $100.00 will need to be paid in full before services can begin.


A deposit of $100.00 will also be required each time a customer's services are shut-off or limited for non-payment. If businesses are shut off for non-payment they will be charged twice the amount of an average monthly billing or $100.00; whichever is greater.The customer is required to pay in full the outstanding bill, the deposit, and all other costs incurred, before MMU will reconnect service.


Upon termination of service, with all bills paid in full, the deposit will be returned to the customer within 45 days. If a consumer deposit is required on your account in accordance with the above criteria, please contact Marshall Municipal Utilities to make arrangements and discuss possible options.


Interest is paid on all deposits held by MMU. The interest rate is set on an annual basis by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. The interest rate for 2024 is 5.3%.






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