Infrared Inspection:

Marshall Municipal Utilities has teamed up with Missouri River Energy Services to offer the latest technology available in infrared imaging to help our customers find "hot spots" before they cause equipment failure and downtime. Infrared imaging is one of the most cost-effective methods of predictive maintenance for your entire electrical system. We can scan electrical panels, motor control centers, disconnects, capacitor banks, etc. Infrared imaging can also be used to locate energy losses in buildings and water leakage on flat roofs.

Ultrasonic Inspection:

Marshall Municipal Utilities and Missouri River Energy Services also provide ultrasonic inspection services. This technology is used to detect leaks in compressed air systems, measure vibrations in motors, and to find malfunctions in steam traps. Compressed air system leaks can cost thousands of dollars per year in wasted energy.

To learn more about these valuable services or to schedule an inspection, contact us at (507) 537-7005.

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